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the elements of
West Coast Cannabis.

World-class and small-batch.

Our Story

We built Fiyer on a foundation of three simple concepts: expert cultivation, small-batch production, and a premium product. This has allowed our team of growers to craft in-house strains found nowhere else, elevating the standard of cannabis production across Canada.


Our cannabis is clean, expertly grown, and of the highest grade.
Discover the right strain for you:


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With their waves of energy and playful nature, these strains will uplift and invigorate you.


02 —


Like the calm and zen of the West Coast outdoors, these strains will help you truly unplug.


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Like the West Coast — where the ocean meets the land — these strains have the best of both worlds.

Fiyer Strains

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Fiyer Strains

We have introduced over 400 different strains to market. First developed for medicinal purposes and approved by Health Canada, they are now available for all customers. Not sure where to start? One of our favourites is Karma, a sensational hybrid.

Fiyer Power

In the cannabis industry, “fire” signifies the best quality product on the market. This is our ethos. Based on the West Coast, we have refined our cultivation over decades to create high-grade, small-batch cannabis for both the new and experienced consumer. We truly believe in the power of cannabis to enrich our everyday experiences.

Why B.C. Cannabis

B.C. cannabis is world-renowned for its quality. Because of our temperate rainforest, we’re surrounded by vegetation that provides optimal conditions for growing marijuana year-round. This means we’re attuned to reading patterns of growth and seasonality. The result is pure, potent cannabis you can’t find anywhere else.

It’s a reputation we’re proud of.

Our trusted partners in the industry:

Dunn Cannabis


Dunn Cannabis was founded in 2018 by Robert Logan Dunn, with a vision to bring an experience to the recreational cannabis market that hadn’t yet been seen in this new industry. They are a leader in the craft cannabis industry and successfully launched FIYER in 2019.